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Spring 2013
Jun 20, 2018
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ENEE 3770 - Advanced Electronics
Study of advanced concepts in electronics. Design of practical and ideal operational amplifier circuits for given transfer functions. Design of active filters. Design of non-linear and pulse shaping circuits. Basic concepts of programmable controllers. Spring semester. Lecture 3 hours. Prerequisites: ENEE 2720, ENEE 2720L with minimum grades of C or department head approval. Corequisite: ENEE 3770L or department head approval. Supplementary course fee assessed.
3.000 Credit hours
3.000 Lecture hours

Levels: Undergraduate
Schedule Types: Lecture

Engineering Department

Course Attributes:
Supplementary Course Fee

ENEE 3770L - Advanced Electronics Laboratory
A series of projects in advanced electronics culminating in a major design project, all totally designed by the student. Spring semester. Laboratory 3 hours. Prerequisite: ENEE 2740L with minimum grade of C or department head approval. Corequisite: ENEE 3770 or department head approval. Laboratory/Studio course fee will be assessed. Supplementary course fee assessed.
1.000 Credit hours
1.000 Lab hours

Levels: Undergraduate
Schedule Types: Lab or Contact Hours

Engineering Department

Course Attributes:
Lab/Studio Fee, Supplementary Course Fee

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