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Spring 2013
Jun 20, 2018
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ENGR 1030 - Basic Engineering Science
Introduction to basic concepts of engineering. Physical quantities, units, dimensions, vectors; formulation of engineering problems. Calculus-based analysis of fundamental dynamics; motion along a straight line and in a plane. Newton’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Laws of Motion plus applications. Work and energy. Impulse and momentum. Rotational motion. Fall and spring semesters. Lecture 3 hours. Corequisites: ENGR 1030L or department head approval. Pre- or Corequisites: MATH 1910 and MATH 1911 or department head approval. Supplementary course fee assessed.
3.000 Credit hours
3.000 Lecture hours

Levels: Undergraduate
Schedule Types: Lecture

Engineering Department

Course Attributes:
Supplementary Course Fee

ENGR 1030L - Freshman Engineering Laboratory
Laboratory experiments to support and enhance the topics listed from Engineering 1030. Introduction to professional aspects of engineering, including ethics and observation of engineering practice. Written and oral presentations included. Fall and spring semesters. Laboratory 3 hours. Corequisite: ENGR 1030 or department head approval. Laboratory/studio course fee will be assessed. Supplementary Course Fee Assessed.
1.000 Credit hours
1.000 Lab hours

Levels: Undergraduate
Schedule Types: Lab or Contact Hours

Engineering Department

Course Attributes:
Lab/Studio Fee, Supplementary Course Fee

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